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Author : Ralyn
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Published Date: 2009/8/30 20:20:00
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I've been hearing rumors about the possibility of new laws that will affect children's products. However I was unable to find information until just yesterday. So, I spent the day studying these laws and doing research. This is a very serious issue that will put millions of American businesses out of business. This law needs some serious ammendments to prevent this.

First, let's take a look at what has caused this problem. Our American government has turned their head for years to allow oriental companies violate American laws and standards that put our children in danger by allowing them to sell faulty sub-standard products to Americans that contain lead and other hazardous materials. Now, as a parent myself - I've had a problem with this for years. So, why are they just now paying attention? Parents that paid attention already knew this, but our complaints were ignored.

Now, don't get me wrong - I applaud the fact that they have finally woke up to their negligence. It's been illegal for Americans to put lead and other hazardous materials in children's products for years, yet they continued to allow oriental imports and out-sourcing companies to neglect those laws. Americans will now be paying the price for their negligence, yet again. The new CPSIA laws will put many businesses out of business due to unfair and unrealistic requirements.

The current laws, that will go into effect on Feb 10, 2009 are terribly written and will cause many American businesses to go out of business. This includes all of the crafters, like myself, that create excellent quality handmade toys for your children that were never in violation to begin with.

But the laws don't stop there - it includes just about all products for kids, even clothing. Used clothing stores will be forced to no longer carry children's clothing or go out of business - the testing required is too expensive for them to be able to comply.

Having a garage sale? Guess what - if you want to sell anything made for kids in your garage sale, you too will have to comply with tests that cost several hundred if not thousands of dollars. If you don't you are in violation of the new laws and subject to a $100,000 fine and felony charges.

Children's products will become extinct, because businesses will not be able to afford to make them. Those that do continue making them will be passing the cost of these ridiculous requirements on to you, the consumer. Aren't our prices high enough already? Now think about how much a toy that costs the supplier well over $1000 to meet with the new laws will cost you.

Large educational products companies will go out of business because of these new laws. This now cheats our children of educational equipment that is important to their education. Where does this craziness stop?

Work at home moms will no longer be able to create quality handmade products for kids. We most certainly can't afford to comply with the new laws. Handknit baby booties will now be illegal.

It's not too late to stop this - Please contact our Congressmen & Obama now. Help us force them to ammend these laws to be fair to Americans that were already creating safe children's products and penalize the ones at fault by implementing stricter import laws for China.

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