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Author : Ralyn
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Published Date: 2011/5/20 15:20:00
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Government & Politics

When I first heard the 'Fair Tax' propaganda, I thought, "hmmm, this looks interesting, maybe I should check it out." So, I posted a few links up on Facebook and asked my political friends for opinions and comments to see what they thought...

Well, within about a half hour of discussing and thinking on the issue, I managed to convincingly talk myself right into opposing the 'Fair Tax' very staunchly. I've debated the issue with fellow Patriots that support it; and every discussion has only convinced me even more that the 'Fair Tax' is in all reality a NIGHTMARE TAX.

A week or so ago, I decided to actually look up opposing arguments instead of the supporting arguments. I just couldn't understand how people thought it was a good thing, if they really thought about it. My discovery was that my personal opinon and thoughts were confirmed with documentation that appears to be getting much less voice. (It's always nice to know that I'm not the only one that thinks it's insane, lol.)

At the end of this article I will post a few links for your reference. I'm writing article this from my own original logical thought process. Please do, do your own research. Too many Americans are not using their own brains and not doing their own research. You cannot believe everything you hear - especially government, they lie. I fully encourage you to do more research so that you can make informed decisions instead of being a sheeple.

So let's take a look at my realizations versus a few of the claims I was seeing that have people blindly loving it. To be honest, I think they are being fooled by the oxymoron name.

First and Foremost - Sales tax is a regressive tax
The first thought that entered my mind, "Isn't sales tax a regressive tax?" Sales tax is, always has been, and always will be a regressive tax that hits the poor and needy the hardest - not so fair. Sales taxes are based on consumption and needs, not the ability to pay. Disabled and sick people generally have the highest needs - so odds are pretty darn good they would get taxed the highest with the least ability to pay.

I've actually had proponents of the 'Fair Tax' use tything to God as a defense for the 'Fair Tax'. Well, I agree with them that God does tax fairly and would be an excellent guide to go by:

God requests that we tythe 10% of our income to the Church or charity.

God taxes all at the same percentage straight across the board. By using a percentage the amount due is automatically increased for those that have the ability to pay more, without penalizing them for the achievement of earning more than some - can't be more fair.

BUT, WAIT! God taxes on income - not by how much air you breathe. The 'Fair Tax' would be akin to God taxing us by how much air we need to breathe. (They usually get mad at me when I point that out, lol)

Income based is truly the only 'fair' way to tax, based on income and ability to pay.

Pre-bates will make up for the over-taxation of the poor and disabled.
Let's really think about this... Have you ever been poor, I mean really poor?

My life was not a bed of roses. I've been in about all income areas, except wealthy (still working on that achievement). I have actually been down and out to the point of homelessness, utilizing Churches and charities but still trying to stay off of state aide. Many people that consider themselves poor do not really know the meaning - they can't have everything they want, so they consider themselves poor. Real poor people literally scrape pennies in order to survive.

Believe it or not, there is a very large group of low income and homeless people that are not currently on government assistance. But with the 'Fair Tax' they will no longer have that choice. With the 'Fair Tax' we'll have an entirely new group, that was never on welfare before, joining all the welfare recipients waiting on a government check in order to survive.

Is that what we really want? To make even more Americans dependent on those government checks in order to survive? I seriously feel the 'Fair Tax' has the very real potential to literally tax the poor and disabled to death.

The 'Fair Tax' will abolish the income tax
In order to abolish the income tax there will need to be an U.S. Constitutional amendment - which can take years, if not decades.

The odds are better that we'll end up with both. The 'Fair Tax' can be implemented easily with Congressional legislation, but it will take a Constitutional amendment to get rid of the income tax. Plus the 'fair tax' does nothing to affect state and local taxes, so state income taxes will still remain.

The 'Fair Tax' will abolish the IRS
Another really big whopper that made me laugh. The fallacy of this should be very clear with a very little common sense. If the IRS would be abolished, then who would process all those pre-bates?

The IRS would not be abolished, odds are much better that it would simply be renamed and expanded. There will need to be an agency that is responsible for issuing all those pre-bates. Plus they will still need to keep a close eye on our income in order to figure the pre-bates. So, what makes anybody think the IRS would be abolished? It will most likely end up needing to be expanded for their new powers.

The big difference in the IRS will be expansion and the targets changed to the poor and needy that need the taxes offset due to low or no income. I won't get into the multi-taxation issues on the pre-bates since I didn't originally think of it and read it later. Read the articles following for more on information on that.

No more tax forms
I about died laughing when I saw that claim. For those that would need re-bate/pre-bates: If you think tax time is a nightmare now, wait till you have to save all receipts for every single purchase in order to figure out if you've been over-taxed.

Right now small business are required to save all receipts for legitimate business expenses, trust me that's bad enough right there. Those are just deductible business expenses, now think about having to account for every single purchase you ever make in order to figure your correct taxes. W-2s are easy - sales tax receipts added into it, a nightmare.

States will still have local income taxes - tax forms will still be a very real reality, just with more probable complications. If you've ever filled out a state sales tax form for a business, you'll know what I mean.

Dangerous Consumer Control through our products
If you think the government would not try to control us and our products through a sales tax, then you a delusional - because they already do. If you use tobacco products, drink alcholol, or use gasoline, you should already know this all too well. And if those examples are not enough for you, let's take a look at the embedded taxes in Obamacare:


12. Tax on Indoor Tanning Services(Tax hike of $2.7 billion/took effect July 2010): New 10 percent excise tax on Americans using indoor tanning salons. Bill: PPACA; Page: 2,397-2,399

Read more: ... wenty-a6059#ixzz1Mv8Xvxmk

Need I say more? They consider tanning beds a bad habit, they consider using fuel a bad habit [tax on the bio-fuels]. They are already trying to control what we eat and drink. If you'll take a look at that tax list for Obamacare, you'll discover the needy will already be taxed higher for needing medical devices.

Anybody that thinks they would not try to control and regulate us through a Federal sales tax is totally naive. Just take a really good look at our government history and of taxing habits. They tax and regulate the things they consider are bad for us in order to discourage us. They currently target and regulate everything they can get their hands on. Our government is out of control with wanting control on every choice in our lives. Why do these 'fair tax' people want to give them more control, is beyond me.

This was all way more than enough for me to staunchly oppose the 'Fair Tax' and privately rename it the 'Nightmare Tax.' In my personal opinion anybody that is in favor of this nightmare tax needs their head examined. But don't take my word on it, please do your own research...

You'll find even more reasons the 'Fair Tax' is not a good way to go in the following articles: ... r-tax-%E2%80%9Cis-unfair/

So, do I think our current system is ok? HELL NO! It's broken, corrupt and badly needs fixed, but the 'Fair Tax' is even worse in my book. I think I'll go with God's example for the truly fair taxation system - a straight percent across the board based on income, but not more than 10% as requested by God.

The Federal Government needs to learn to live within their means and within their Constitutional boundaries. They do not deserve more than requested by God.

Update: My apologies, I intended to post the 'Fair Tax' site also, not just the opposing links.

Fair Tax Site:

I did also run across another article link on Fact Check:
We found that while there are several good economic arguments for the FairTax, unless you earn more than $200,000 per year, fairness is not one of them.

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