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Press Release: Mercer County, IL Ron Paul Sign Bomb
Posted by Ralyn on 2011/10/6 0:20:38 (1476 reads)

Ralyn Speerly Schraceo
Illinois Mercer County Leader

Phone: 217-492-1163

National Site:


Ron Paul Sign Bomb Coordinators

- A grassroots organization dedicated to spreading the message of Liberty and Ron Paul

- No Official Connection to the Ron Paul Campaign

Press Release

Nation-Wide Ron Paul Sign Wave

October 10, 2011

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm Local time


Ron Paul Supporters from every state in the Union will gather together in their counties to show their support for Ron Paul.

Local supporters will be gathering in high profile areas in many  Illinois counties as coordinated by state and county leaders to wave signs in support of Ron Paul. (Information for Illiniois County Leaders can be found at

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Congressman Schilling's involvement in the New Boston Post Office situation
Posted by Hawkeye70 on 2011/2/24 16:35:23 (11714 reads)

I ran into Mayor, Dennis Dixon a day or two after he had received the memo about the post office closing. I told him I would call Congressman Schilling and give him the Mayor's cell phone number. Congressman Schilling called Dennis Dixon and spoke with him about what has happening in New Boston.

The Congressman's office began to make some calls to regional postal managers and checked into what was happening. I kept Congressman Schilling and the head of his Moline Office, Ken Moffett up to date on what was going on with the post office in New Boston.

At the information meeting on Feb. 23rd. at the Community Center in New Boston, Ken Moffett was in attendance and he talked to the representatives from the postal service. Ken also had some discussions with Mayor Dixon and plans to update Congressman Schilling and follow up with the Mayor.

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Mercer County School Board Candidates Forum
Posted by Hawkeye70 on 2011/1/28 13:51:36 (1008 reads)

All community members in the Mercer County School District #404 are invited to attend a school board candidate's forum on Tuesday, February 8th.,in the auditorium of Mercer County High School from 6:00-8:00 pm.. Each school board candidate will have five minutes to speak about the school issues they believe are most important.

After all the candidates have addressed the audience, time will be allotted for questions and answers. The forum is being sponsored by the Mercer County Education Association, Mercer County Education Employees Association, and the Mercer County Paraprofessional Education Association.

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Mercer County Jail Expansion - do we need it?
Posted by Ralyn on 2009/11/24 20:50:00 (446 reads)

I received a phone call a few days ago to inform me about the Mercer County Jail expansion. Until that phone call, I was totally unaware of any jail expansion, let alone any of the facts or issues on it.

I wanted to know more facts & information on the subject, especially since the jail is only 15 miles from my home. So, I sat down and did a few thorough internet searches, with very little results. I was only able to find a couple very short mentions in the Aledo Times, Quad Cities, & Galesburg newspapers - but not much real information.

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Plans for Mercer jail addition hinge on lawsuit
Posted by Ralyn on 2009/11/23 22:20:00 (834 reads)

Plans for Mercer jail addition hinge on lawsuit

Posted Online: May 26, 2009, 10:27 pm
By Stephen Elliott,

ALEDO -- Pending the outcome of a lawsuit, plans for a $5 million expansion project at the Mercer County Jail are proceeding.

"As far as we're concerned, it's a go," said Mercer County Board Chairman Tom Harris.

The project has met with some resistance. On April 30, a lawsuit was filed in Mercer County Circuit Court on behalf of Concerned Citizens for Mercer County (CCMC) and Robert White, an Aledo resident.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction to stop the project. It alleges Mr. White, who lives across the street from the Mercer County Jail, would be adversely affected by the expansion.

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