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New User Registration Now Disabled
Posted by Ralyn on 2014/3/6 2:49:23 (1802 reads)

New user registration has been disabled on the web site. You can still register by phone: 217-492-1163.

The reason that registration has been disabled is because we're getting a few hundred registration attempts by spammers per day and it's clogging up my e-mail.

My apologies for the inconvenience of now having to call for registration. But, I cannot have that many e-mails hitting me per day and causing me to miss important e-mails. And I cannot spend hours per day cleaning up the database from these spammer attempts.

Ralyn Schraceo
Phone: 217-492-1163

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Forums Disabled - New Registration Process
Posted by Ralyn on 2014/2/7 2:23:26 (1488 reads)

Our web site has been hit by a steady stream of spammers trying to register. We will no longer allow registrations that are not complete with phone number so that I can call them to assure that it's not another spammer. I'm seriously thinking of disabling the registration due to the extremely heavy volume of spammer registration attempts. It would definitely help unclog my e-mail by making it registration by phone only.

They've apparently also hit our discussion board big time and forced me to disable the module in order to not have a blank page on the home page. I will try to go through the data base to find the corrupting code in the next week - but for now I have disabled the forums in order to fix the problem.

It constantly amazes me that our site has been hit so heavy with spammers and scammers the last couple years. Don't they have anything better to do?

~ Ralyn

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Hotmail E-mail Accounts Banned from Registration
Posted by Ralyn on 2013/6/5 19:02:20 (2869 reads)

Since May 29th we've had over 85 registration attempts by spammers - all using Hotmail e-mail addresses. I cannot have my e-mail clogged up by spammer attempts to access our site, so am now banning all Hotmail e-mail addresses. I apologize for the inconvenience if you use Hotmail - you can blame the spammers that want to post viagra and other spam + fishing links in our comments.

  0   Article ID : 63
Change in Registration & Classified Ads
Posted by Ralyn on 2013/4/24 13:20:00 (1497 reads)

Due massive spammer bombs that seem to also have gotten around the captcha registration, registration will now require the approval of administration. Please make sure to include your full REAL Name, location, and a valid phone number in order to be approved. We apologize for this inconvenience, but if you take a look at the discussion forum before I finish getting it cleaned up, you'll understand why.

There is no reason for anybody registered on this site to be anonymous. I will be working on getting new registration form settings configured - and be tweaking the privacy settings to not show your profiles to anonymous users.

Classified Ads will now require registration in order to post an ad. I've removed moderation for ad approval - all ads will now automatically be approved. Once I finish removing and blocking the spam army that has invaded us, there will not be a reason to moderate them if all registered users are valid.

4/26/2013 Update: Registration by admin approval is working great so far at keeping out the viagra spammers. It's a lot less work for me to check the submission form than it is to remove all the spam. My apologies for the registration delay to our local citizens - you can blame the spammers.

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