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Date 2014/2/7 2:23:26 | Topic: Web Site News

Our web site has been hit by a steady stream of spammers trying to register. We will no longer allow registrations that are not complete with phone number so that I can call them to assure that it's not another spammer. I'm seriously thinking of disabling the registration due to the extremely heavy volume of spammer registration attempts. It would definitely help unclog my e-mail by making it registration by phone only.

They've apparently also hit our discussion board big time and forced me to disable the module in order to not have a blank page on the home page. I will try to go through the data base to find the corrupting code in the next week - but for now I have disabled the forums in order to fix the problem.

It constantly amazes me that our site has been hit so heavy with spammers and scammers the last couple years. Don't they have anything better to do?

~ Ralyn

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