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Government & Politics : Robert "Bobby" Schilling is running against Hare for District 17
Posted by Ralyn on 2009/5/25 23:13:36 (3102 reads) News by the same author

Robert Schilling for Congress 2010Robert "Bobby" Schilling is a family man and a business man. He was born and raised in Rock Island. Bobby has been married to Christie for 23 years and counting, and together they have nine children: Terry, 22; Aaron, 19; Levi, 16; Joe, 15; Isabel, 13; Rachel, 11; Olivia, 7; Sam, 3; Sophia, 1; and a granddaughter, Grace, 3.

Bobby graduated from Alleman High School and then attended Black Hawk College. Afterwards, Bobby worked at Container Corporation of America (McMillan Bloedel Containers). During his time there, 1983-1987, Bobby served as a union steward in Local 191 International Paper Workers Union. From 1987-1995, he went on to work in the insurance and financial services industry. Working for the largest insurance company in the United States, Prudential Insurance and Financial Services, he was ranked number 315 out of over 13,000 agents during his last full year with the company.

Twelve years ago Bobby decided to take a leap of faith and go into business for himself as a pizza restaurant owner/operator. Now Saint Giuseppe's Heavenly Pizza in Moline has proven to be a great success. When Bobby and Christie looked at closing their restaurant on Sundays in order to spend more time with their family, people told them it wouldn't survive. However, with faith and persistence, the business has not only sustained itself, but has grown.

To his credit, Bobby is not just a pizza guy – he has also made smart investments and has had a great deal of success in real estate. Financial stability is something that Bobby and his wife cherish. After all the ups and downs of running their own business and raising a large family, getting to a level where they are financially comfortable, they could not sit back and watch the fiscally irresponsible politicians carry on with business as usual. When looking at the direction our nation was headed, Bobby asked himself two important questions, If not me, whom?, and, If not now, when? Bobby sees a need for fiscal responsibility and a desire to leave the country a better place for his children and grandchildren.

Bobby and Christie are not only able, but they are willing to place their own lives on hold to go out and meet the people of the 17th Congressional District. For it is in these hard working families of the 17th that Bobby has seen the possibilities of young people and the bright futures that they have ahead of them. These young families see in Bobby, that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Is this going to be easy? No, Bobby is well aware of that. He loves a challenge or someone telling him that something is not possible or that it can't be done. Time and time again Bobby has proven them wrong.

Robert Schilling is a man of integrity and of faith – not a politician but a statesman.

Check out his web site here...

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