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Web Site Development : Community Club of New Boston
Posted by Ralyn on 2008/12/23 19:39:35 (2455 reads)

The Community Club of New Boston now has their own web site pages - right here on!! Check back often to see what's going on and what's in the works for the club...

Click Here to view The Community Club page(s)

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Web Site Development : New Features for Mercer Communities!
Posted by Ralyn on 2008/9/18 15:00:00 (2508 reads)

We're excited to announce that with the new programming we now have not only improved features, but several brand new features!

Articles & Stories - Huge improvement on programming

Classified Ads - another improvement

News Stories, Community News, & Community Forums - these are now seperate programs specifics instead of using 1 basic module for all.

Download Section - massive improvment

Brand New Features!!!!

Astrology - still need to make it look pretty, but works just fine for horoscope reading fun.

FREE User Blogs - Registered Users can request a free blog account or two. A fantastic addition for our local bloggers.

Photo Gallery - that you can upload to, instead of having to have the picture already online.

Puzzle Fun - we all need to relax and play games once in a while.

Video Tube - I've been playing with adding in some great music videos. A fantastic little program that lets you search YouTube for videos, automatically puts in the number, then you add the rest of the information to share your favorite YouTube Videos with Mercer Communities folk.

Coming Soon!!!!!!

Business Directory - program is in place for editable business directory listing, we're still customizing it .

Banner Ads - submit and manage your banner/text ads online or give us a call for help.

Partner Pages & Store Pages - a great online solution for those that don't need a full web site.

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