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How the bailout will happen...


I am going to let you know we can expect to see happen regarding the bail out (Bush now calls a “Rescue Plan”) in the next few days. Get ready for a great puppet show and to watch the public go from opposing the plan to begging for it by the time the week end is over.

Tune in today to hear,

— Exactly what is the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out really all about
— How we will be “sold” on the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Plan
— What the bail out will do to the market in the short term
— Why the bail out plan is already written and agreed upon and what we are watching is nothing but a show
— Exactly what does the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out plan mean
— How the stock market will be most likely to respond
— How our nation is going into full on Fascism with this plan and no one is talking about it
— Why you should call your congress critter even though he won’t change his vote based on what you say
— How to make this years Christmas special and not blow money
— Blowing money is not your patriotic duty
— How Washington Mutual was just sold back door to JP Morgan for fractional pennies on the dollar
— How to double your money with “Cowboy Logic”

Submitter: Ralyn
Publisher: The Modern Financial Survival Mindset
Released: Wed, 01-Oct-2008

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